About Me

MaJaTo is the homepage of Mark Towers (or sometimes known as Mark J Towers, particularly for writing).

So, what is there to know? Or, more to the point, what do I want you to know about me? Well, the sections below will probably be the best way to break it down.


The Christmas Starfish was briefly available on Amazon a few years ago but it needs a wider audience so at the moment we're in the process of finding an appropriate publisher. There might be the odd copy knocking around but you're best to wait for it to be republished. It's a children's story for parents to read to younger children, and for young readers (approx 5-9 years). It was written for my two young boys and we wanted to share that story with other children too. Now, it's fair to say I'm not an illustrator, but the story didn't need anything too sophisticated so I illustrated it too. That part took longer than the writing the story!

Will there be more Mr Starfish stories? Yep, definitely. I've got several ideas bubbling around, and some have even been written down so hopefully they'll take shape soon.

There is a collection of short stories and poems written many moons ago at my MaJaTo Scribes blog. You can find links to all on-line published work here. My first short story published on the internet appeared on Raven Electrick in 2002.

Way back in time I wrote a sci-fi novel but it wasn't up to scratch - I've left it for a good 20 years and lately I've knocking around a few ideas in my head to get improve it. Maybe one day I'll get it completed. However, before I tackle that I've got a film script I'm desperate to write. Daunting, as the only script I've written was on request for a producer of a children's cartoon series which sadly didn't get the funding. Too much info? Yeah. I thought so.



The NorfolkPlaces website was started as somewhere to stick photos of places we visited around Norfolk (England) as a family. The site has since grown in to a listings site of places to visit, eat& drink and where to stay in Norfolk

So, if you're visiting Norfolk then this would be a great place to find out loads about Norfolk.

More stuff

I'll put some more stuff here soon.